The Art of PrideRings1

Who is PrideRings1?

I'm an AFRICAN, JAPANESE and NATIVE AMERICAN CREATIVE ARTISTIC SOUL who seeks out the BEAUTY in LIFE. I currently reside in the Heart of NEW YORK CITY and before that in SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA all my life. I am definitely WEST MEETS EAST! ^_^

Furthermore, I am a NYC Artist whom has just opened his very first online Art Gallery Store via There you CAN NOW VIEW, PURCHASE MANY of my PHOTOS and turn them into CANVAS, FRAMED, PRISM ART, iPHONE 4/4S/5 CASES and GREETING CARDS via my URL: INSTACANV.AS/Priderings1. Keep in mind I am constantly updating the Gallery Store, so always be on the look out for new pieces popping up all the time.

ALL my Images are taken and edited on my iPhone 5 device which is incredibly unique in itself. Be sure to LIKE my Artist Page at and I look forward to meeting you all!


Stormy Sunsets

Stormy Sunsets: Main
Whilst spending quality time out on the town with my honey in New Jersey, I could not help but notice the storm clouds coming in. Funny thing is at the same time… I could see the beautiful Sunset struggling to desperately out shine it’s gloomy nemesis. This battle was epic and I had to capture it’s beautiful war on camera.

Realizing that I have finally found my true artistic eye, I now introduce to you my new sets entitled “Stormy Sunsets”. Please enjoy the story my new images convey and keep in mind that they are available for purchase to canvas board through my online gallery @

- Priderings1
Stormy Sunsets: Variation II
Stormy Sunsets: Variation IV

Stormy Sunsets: Variation III